Ultrasound Service

High Technology, Inc.

Your single source, multi-vendor ultrasound service provider!
The following services are offered by High Technology, Inc:

-Time and Material
Call us today for our current rates!

-Preventative Maintenance Contract
A Cost effective way to keep your ultrasound systems up and running for years to come.

-Full Service Contract
The safest choice in ultrasound service. A full parts, labor, and maintenance contract will allow you to focus on your patients and business, without having to worry about your Ultrasound system

Multi Vendor supplier of transducers, spare parts, and peripherals.

Partnerships with OEM manufacturers for sub-contract service for New England Region. (Please contact us for more details at

-Probe Exchange Program:
High Technology offers exchange pricing for all of our ultrasound probes! This alternative to buying from the Manufacturer can save you thousands of dollars on every probe purchase!
So the next time you need a probe replaced call us for a quotation, before you buy from the manufacturer. All of our probes come with a comprehensive warranty.

-Probe Repair Options:
We offer the following Standard Probe Repairs
Transducer Lens Replacement
Strain Relief Recasting
Cable Jacket Repair
Cable Replacement
Probe Casing Repair
Connector Repair
Full Cosmetic Refurbishment